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Kings Herbal PLUS 1 Liter Food Supplement

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Kings Herbal PLUS 1 Liter! Food Supplement Recommended Intake

KINGS Herbal is best for children with ages seven (7) months onward and for adults of any age.
  • For children (7 months old onward) - Use a medicine dropper. Take 1 ml. up to 5 ml. or as recommended.
  • For adults (any age) - Use the measuring cup provided in our product. Take 30 ml. to 90 ml. or as recommended.
Kings Herbal PLUS 1 Liter Nutritional Components
  1. Beta-carotene
  2. Ellagic Acid
  3. Indoles
  4. Coenzyme Q10
  5. Lycopene
  6. Vitamin A, C and E
  7. Tangerin
  8. Quercetins
  9. Limonene
  10. Hesperidin
  11. Sulphoraphane
  12. Lutein
  13. Resveratrol
  14. Anthocyanisms
  15. Zeaxathine
  16. Allium Compounds
How it Works!
  • The Body is detoxified. Stored toxins are filtered out of the system.
  • As the body gets used to cleansing power and as the bodily systems normalize, the Immune System is strengthened.
  • Organ Functions are restored and enhanced.
  • Metabolism and Stamina increases.
  • Blood Sugar level is normalized.
  • The Balance of ions in the body is corrected and restored.